Admitting to the decline

"The College aims to gain and retain students as enrollment drops

“… ‘Early this summer, the Class of 2023 was on pace to have 570 or more students. What was surprising this year was the number of students, 69, who committed to Muhlenberg but who are not enrolled,” noted Falk, Springall and Mitton in a statement. “In a more typical year, that number would be around 35. In talking to counterparts at Muhlenberg’s peer institutions, our higher rate of decommits was a phenomenon experienced at many colleges like us too.’” …

Interesting article. Although dated today, I had read another very similar article several weeks ago. I believe that it was on CC.

As hard as LACs with dwindling apps, committments & retention rates try to entice students, money in the form of tuition discounts–grants & merit scholarships–are an essential key to attracting & retaining students.

Why not offer additional scholarships to sophomores in order to retain the best & brightest ?

Should consider partnering with employers for split funded summer internships as another method of retention, and of attracting new students.

Still waiting for LACs to introduce 3 year undergraduate degrees. What could be more enticing than a full year discount ?

If all else fails, then consider offering a declining tuition rate. Tuition & fees guaranteed to decline by 6% per year until graduation with guaranteed stable room & board rates.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to count on a tuition discount for each returning year rather than the inevitable annual tuition hike ?

From the article it appears they’re looking to transfers and two-year college students as supplements to the normal freshman harvest. It seems smart given that they are on a lot of kids’ lists in April of senior year. Presenting a welcoming face to anyone who dropped out of their initial college choice might make that next decision easier.