Adult ADD

<p>My husband has ADD. He has taken medication for at least a few years (hard to remember; he also has taken antidepressants for years). After much prodding from me, prompted by him getting fired a few years ago because of an accident caused by his inattentiveness and then not looking for a job in the succeeding time, he has gone to an ADD therapist. Hurray. But now, I see signs of some of the ADD and personality traits springing up as barriers again. ADD tends to keep people from doing unpleasant tasks and so how does someone with ADD get started on the behavioral changes? Any tips for how I can be supportive without continuing to be this guy's mom?</p>

<p>ADD is one of those disorders that are so misunderstood. The person with ADD as you know is dealing with (or not dealing with) so many different issues that impact their social and emotional life. I have seen how ADD will negatively impact a persons ability to move forward in positive ways but after years of seeing this I have come to realize that until the person is so negatively impacted they will do nothing to change. Since this is your husband and not your child there is little I can offer in terms of how you could seperate yourself from the impact he is having on your emotional and financial life. This you will need to judge on your own. It is not easy being married to someone with ADD because the non affected party tends to take on far more responsibility than the partner with ADD.</p>

<p>Be sure he has talked with his doc as he may very well need a med adjustment. It would be best if he would let you go to part of the session to give information.</p>