Advanced regents diploma required

I was wondering if I should go for an advanced referents diploma. I am a junior I have all my regents required for a basic. If I want to get advanced. I’m gonna have all my regents besides Spanish. And Spanish is horrible for me it’s my hardest subject. And I’m gonna have to take it then senior year Spanish because I didn’t take it freshman year. But other then Spanish it gonna have every other regents required for advanced. I don’t want to take another year of Spanish.

I have a 3.1 gpa all regents are around a 70 and my sat score is 1200. Is that good enough to get into Brooklyn college

In terms of Brooklyn college you could definitely get in, I just got in with a 2.7 GPA and sat score of 1,130. Keep up the good grades! And honestly I feel that most colleges don’t care if you have a normal regents diploma or an advanced one, so if you really don’t want to take Spanish your senior year, it’s fine if you don’t!