Advantages to 70unit transfer? (UCB)

<p>Is there an advantage to transferring to a UC(UCB in case it changes between UCs) from a CCC with 70 units as opposed to 60 units?</p>

<p>Also, once in UCB, is there an advantage to taking summer course at UCB as opposed to a local community college? I'd like to take summer cousres in a CCC because it's cheaper, but would they still count? </p>


<p>Yes, they will still count!! But, not towards what you need to satisfy for admission purposes. I don't think it's the quantity of credits that matters (60+), as much as what it is you actually took for general education and your major requirements. If in those 60 credits you finished the IGETC and all your major requirements then having an additional 10 credits will not make a difference. However, if those additional 10 credits are prereq for your major or satisfying your IGETC, then it will make a difference!!</p>

<p>First off only take extra units if you need it for requirements (major/IGETC). This includes summer as well because transferring over 70 units is a disadvantage if you want to stay an extra semester at Cal. The reason is that it will put you closer to the unit cap.</p>

<p>Taking a UCB summer course is better than a CCC summer course because you can take upper division courses at UCB to fulfill your major requirements that you cannot take at a CCC. Also, if you are in the college of letters & science you will need a minimum of 6 units of upper division courses outside of your department. So taking an upper division course at UCB will fulfill this requirement as well. A CCC summer course will not meet/fulfill any of these requirements. The only time a CCC summer course will help you is if you need to meet any general education requirements that you have not met (only for majors that do not require/discourage transfers from doing IGETC).</p>

<p>Wow, that really did help me out a lot. Thanks!</p>