Adventurous careers

I'm currently a student at West Virginia University and am trying to pinpoint what exactly I should major in. I've decided I'd love a career that is adventurous. I would love to become a field researcher, studying environments, animals, cultures, cities, climate, pretty much everything that has to do with the world as a whole. I've been kicking around a few majors and have found some interest in Geography. Would this help get me to where I want to be? I've also looked at International Studies(although I'm not too fond of politics) and Anthropology. I've also heard Biology could be useful. Any suggestions and guidance would be great! Also, I'm very well looking into double majoring to help out. Thanks!</p>

<p>Maybe think about being a Enviromental Engineer because it could take around the world and help many people</p>

<p>Try archaeology!</p>

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