Advice about double majoring

<p>I’m currently declared as a communication major (transfer) but will be switching to English in Winter. I’m taking all English classes this quarter including 2 pre-reqs. However, I’m thinking if I should double in communication. Originally, I was going to major in English and have a comm minor, but I’m thinking if I should pursue a double major or not. One reason why I don’t want to double major is because I want to be able to take a variety of different upper division classes that Davis has to offer, in addition to working on my major/minor. </p>

<p>As for double majoring, I am considering it because I have all the pre-requisites done for communication and could finish both majors in 2 years, granted I take summer school. </p>

<p>Any one who is a double major, or has considered it, what are the pros and cons for you, and why did you decide to double major?</p>

<p>Hey i transfered here also this year, i think double majoring can be good, if you actually plan on using both degrees. What do you plan on doing when you graduate? How will english and communications really help you? as for some cons, if you need to take classes during the summer thats more money/time. double majoring=more classes that you HAVE to take. more classes could mean lower GPA, which matters for grad school. I know specifically for law school, they don't care of you double, triple or quad major. It's all about GPA. those are just some thoughts i have on the matter, good luck in your choices.</p>

<p>thanks ^^ I'm considering grad school after graduation but specifically looking into the journalism/PR/writing sector as far as jobs. I keep thinking about double majoring because I know I can "fit it in" but I think that kind of reasoning isn't good as far as that goes. More than likely I think I will pick up comm as a minor, considering how important GPA is.</p>

<p>My D is double majoring ---IR and Spanish. There were a few overlap classes so that helped. And yes she probably will not have time for the tractor driving class....but maybe! She will graduate on time in June! Yahoo!</p>

<p>"i think double majoring can be good, if you actually plan on using both degrees."</p>

<p>I think it's a grand idea to double major if you enjoy learning from each. So many people in college forget its purpose... to learn and expand one's horizons, ideas, scope of knowledge, and enjoyment of life. You will have a lifetime to put what you learn to work... some might earn you a wage... and some might earn you a higher quality of life... some will be applied to the up-bringing of your children... all are as important as each other.</p>

<p>When you double major, does your unit cap increase? Or are you still required to finish both majors under 225 units? If you petition to go over the cap, is there another cap after the 225 cap? Or can you take as many units over 225?</p>

<p>Yeah, but if you really want to expand your horizons, you don't have to follow a specific degree pattern. if the OP double majors they will pretty much be forced to only take classes from those 2 specific majors, because their wont really be enough time to just take a class that looks interesting.</p>

<p>oh yeah... forgot about the cap. I graduated with 184 semester units... the equivalent of 276 quarter units. I guess you can't do that any more.</p>

<p>As PerfectSky said... you would be limited to your specific course maps.</p>