Advice about MCWP 40 & MCWP 50 (Muir writing)?

<p>I've heard that Muir's analytical writing courses are difficult... English is not one of my best subjects (especially critical reading). How should I prepare for these classes this summer?</p>

<p>Read up on the Toulmin Method a bit so you can write your essays more easily. That's pretty much the worst part of MCWP. Really depends on who you get and how hard you work. </p>

<p>Just make sure you're not an idiot like some other people in my class and read the stuff before class. Actually, don't just read it once, make sure you have a decent understanding of it before you go to class so you can ask smart questions and shape your essay into something your teacher will approve of. </p>

<p>For Muir 50, make sure you do your research well and everything else will be really easy. I ended up getting an A- in 50 but I also worked way less than I did for my A in 40 so yeah. If you're willing to put up time in your summer to study up for it, I'm sur eyou'll be fine.</p>

<p>Assuming that your TA isn't totally anal about looking at extra drafts, go to office hours with your TA at least for Muir 40. Make a lot more drafts than you required and revise like mad while asking for help! This is always a good idea because I'm assuming most TA's will be more willing to help as long as you show that you're giving the effort AND THEN SOME to actually improve.</p>

<p>can i see ur essays or other essays that got an A as an example?</p>


<p>Reading high scoring ap essays was the only way I learned to write for ap english. Is that what you'll say to everyone who reads past ap essays?</p>

<p>Different ballgame, buddy.... no one in their right mind is going to send old Muir writing essays to a complete stranger over the internet.</p>

<p>Well maybe they will. But I think it's sketch.</p>

<p>I agree with ucsandiego915, I wouldn't do it. No offense to you, uchogwarts, it's just simple safety! There's a thread going on right now in this forum titled about academic dishonesty, very interesting how strict schools are on the subject!</p>

<p>It's going to be obvious that you took ideas from another especially when you turn it in to</p>

<p>Muir writing is intense, but it's not impossible to get a B or an A. Only a handful of people get As every quarter, and most of them are already brilliant writers. So it's not as difficult to get a decent grade, but it requires a bit of effort.</p>

<p>If you don't feel safe sending an essay over the internet I understand, but stop accusing me of attempting to cheat. Have you heard that you learn to write from reading?
I heard doing well in english ap doesn't mean you will in muir writing and people who scored 5s are good writers too, if that's not enough I want to see what they look for.
I never planned on turning in someone else's essay or using their ideas alright?</p>

<p>i didnt take ap lit, and did okay in muir writing. it definitely depends on ur TA muir 40 TA was pretty hard, sooo i got B-. but my muir 50 TA was nice helpful and really encouraging, and i got A- (even tho i felt like i was just rambling on about kpop - the topic i chose for the paper). for muir50, pick a topic that INTERESTS YOU because u'll be writing a 10page paper on that topic. since i liked the topic of my paper for muir50, i thought it was wayyyyyy easier than muir40.</p>