advice about the 6th passage of the science section?

<p>i think i can do reasonably well on the first five passages,but the 6th/7th one is the one that bothers me the has a long passage that makes me feel like doing the reading section when i am up to this passage.</p>

<p>Every science section has a long passage that looks like a reading section.(If you aren't sure what i mean by the 6th or 7th passage)</p>

<p>lol, ok.</p>

<p>Does it have two opinions and is it just a bunch of writing? Is it one of a kind in the science section? If so, you have discovered the "conflicting viewpoint" passage (sometimes refered to as the "fighting scientists" passage).</p>

<p>You should really handle it totally differently than everything else. This is my rundown generally:</p>

<p>Charts and Graphs passages(2,3, or 4): 4 minutes each
Experiments Passages(2,3, or 4): 5 minutes each
Conflicting Viewpoints(Just 1): 7-9 minutes depending on how much time I have left</p>

<p>I only read the conflicting viewpoints, as it is the only one you really need to read. I also like to speed through the charts and graphs to save time for the conflicting viewpoints.</p>

<p>hope this helps :)</p>

<p>ya you feel like you're doing reading because this section is critical reading except the passages have a science focus to them</p>

<p>do a venn diagram as you read (as egbert said, you actually HAVE to read them to answer the questions accurately unlike the previous sections of science) which should help with answering the questions that follow</p>