Advice/chances: ED Northeastern and EA Babson

I am a U.S. Senior with a unique backstory and I was wondering if you could chance me at Northeastern and Babson. I am very passionate about business and these two schools are at the top of my list.

I have 3 high schools on my transcript. I was sent to a wilderness therapy program during the summer before 11th grade and subsequently sent to a therapeutic boarding school for 11th grade. My grades during freshman year were not great, mostly B’s with a few A’s, and my grades second semester sophomore year also faltered because of my sudden early exit from school to attend this therapeutic summer experience.

My parents decided it would be the best option for me because I had suffered with attendance in the past. I never loved school. I would miss every/every other Monday, but I made sure to keep up my grades so my transcript does not really reflect it. My grades have improved greatly starting with my junior year where I got straight A’s. I am on track to get straight A’s the first semester of this year (taking 5 AP classes).

My application strategy is therefore to wait until ED 2 for Northeastern where they can include my senior transcript as part of their application review process. I feel that waiting until then will benefit my application to show that I am trending upwards overall. I intend to apply to Babson EA because I feel that waiting until RD for them to have my senior transcript would be worse for me. Let me know what you guys think.

For business, I have been heavily involved in business since 8th grade. I was successful at reselling sneakers (common, I know) but took it a level further and started actual businesses, one of which failed when I was in 8th grade which is part of the story of how I am learning from failure. I held a legitimate paid position in the field too, managing a company’s social media and a team of 7 staff. I feel that this will be beneficial to my babson application.

Essays: My essay is based around learning from failure. I struggled my first 2 years of HS, but I put myself back on track. I am set to get straight As this year, and I got straight As last year. Loops in failure in business

WGPA: 4.05

GPA: 3.67

7APs (5 of which being senior year)

Teacher Recs: History teacher: I was pretty much a TA in her class. Helped run our class period with her and led a lot of class discussions. She appreciated greatly

Econ teacher: I worked very, very hard in his class and he saw my work ethic vs other students. I came in for help often and engaged in conversations about my business often, relating to his past working in law firms and wall street

Supplemental Rec: Thinking about getting one from the owner of the company which I was managing as mentioned above. Not sure. That or my business partner. Let me know what you guys think


Job in sneaker reselling industry: 10th grade. Major activity, took up most of my day besides school, again I led team of 7 staff, held weekly meetings, ran social media, etc.

Personal sneaker reselling business: Earned over $XX,000 personally over the course of 3.5 years

Slalom ski team: first 2 years of hs

Tennis team: first 2 years

XC team: senior year

Job at fast food restaurant 11th grade. Connected with owner over her success story being an immigrant and making it in the US, including in some part of app

160 hours of volunteer work including service trip to rural WV with church, started and led fundraiser for local homeless shelter, and more.

These 2 being my top choices, I want to make sure I can get into at least one of them with the plan I have. Any opinions/help is greatly appreciated! Thanks for taking the time to read :slight_smile: