Advice? Collee vs Relationship?

Hello, I’m not sure if this is the right forum, but here it goes anyway: I am 26 and going to community college. I am accepted to a good 4 year school for fall, but I am hesitant about going because my boyfriend, who is older, doesn’t want to move with me. We are very serious-- been together 3 years. He just doesn’t feel there is anything for him in the town this college is located and he doesn’ think he’d be happy if he lived there. However, it’s the best school for my major that I can afford. My education is very important to me, but so is he. I’m starting to get cold feet about moving away. I feel like I’m being selfish. Any advice?

Can you afford to pay to live there alone? If so, go ahead and move. If he’s paying for it too, then keep trying to encourage him to come with you.

You only get this chance once…go. Once you two settle down, you won’t go back. Everything will be ok. :slight_smile: