Advice for a College Senior?

<p>You guys and gals have been wonderful in the advice giving department for High School and college students. What would you recommend for someone who is wrapping up college? I'm in the liberal arts and eyeing Political Journalism or politics in some capacity or, academic administration or advertising. So focused a list as that is LOL, Any words of wisdom so far as life planning? I would like to aim to stay in either New York, Providence or Boston </p>

<p>With Appreciation,
Fred [Who is realizing he's older than he thought]</p>

<p>There will probably be some sort of job fair on your campus this fall. Dress up. Attend. Talk to people. Get your name on lists.</p>

<p>Also, it's time to make full use of your college's Career Center. There are people there whose job it is to help students like you plan their futures.</p>

<p>Fred....I think you go to Brown. My daughter is a senior at Brown and we are loading up the car (I should say my husband is!) this very moment. I recall back at ADOCH when she was accepted, I attended a session at the Career office and they appeared to offer great services in this area. Set up an appointment. They are trained to guide you as to next steps, resources, help with resume, the whole gambit. Good's a process.</p>


<p>For academic administration, make your interests known to the staff in various offices such as admissions (there's a high degree of turnover among the recent graduates who work in those offices) and financial aid or fellowships and scholarship programs or study abroad programs. Departments also need administrative staff and many a receptionist is a recent college graduate. If you have specific skills such as website maintenance or an aptitude for figures, you should be in demand.</p>

<p>For political journalism, have you considered interning for some of the political blogs? With presidential elections looming up, there may be need for interns.</p>

<p>Highly second what marite said. Know a recent college grad who interned for a gubernatorial campaign and is now employed in the state government.</p>

<p>Good luck!</p>

<p>Political journalism = how about white house press secretary protege.</p>

<p>Something tells me you'll be happy living on the $168,000 that Tony Snow finds inadequate.</p>

<p>Have you had any internships during the summers?</p>