Advice for a freshman!

<p>Hey everyone, I am a very motivated freshman at a large public school in Massachusetts.I have dreams of one day getting into a school like Harvard. My GPA so far is 4.0 and I am ranked in the Top 3 out of 430 students. So far I have participated in 3 highschool sports (baseball,basketball,football), have a lot of community hours, and have been elected class officer.</p>

<p>Being a freshman and all, I need all the advice I can get. What should i get involved with? What should i start studying? What classes should i take? Just give me some advice on what i should do for the rest of the 3 1/2 years i ahve left in highschool.</p>

<p>"What should i get involved with? What should i start studying? What classes should i take? "</p>

<p>To question #1: Those activities which interest you
To question #2: Those things which interest you
To question #3: Those classes which interest you</p>

<p>Do that and apply yourself to these and you'll be set.</p>

<p>it sounds funny, but that's actually good advice. don't take classes and get involved in activities just because you think it'll look good. if you really like baseball, basketball, and football, by all means, stick with it. i've done three sports every season and i've loved it.
take classes from teachers that you like. i picked my senior schedule based on the teachers i waned, and i haven't regretted it for a minute.
just relax and have fun. that's my best advice.</p>

<p>I agree... do what you like to do! Don't do activites/sports/extra currics just because you think it will help you get into college. Top schools want to admit people who are passionate about what they love, not people who try to be the "perfect" applicant--it doesn't exist. Relax, have a little fun, don't stress out yet (wait until junior year), and do everything that crosscurrent told you to do. Use what's left of your freshman year and your sophomore year to figure out what you love to do and stick with it.</p>

<p>try to start doing community service hours as soon as possible. when i was a freshman i did community service all through the summer, saturdays, and a few days during the week...but that was just me. i did the same thing in tenth grade and now that i'm a junior i just volunteer weekends and during the summer. trust me it helps to start early because when you're stressed out junior year, you really don't have much time for that kind of stuff. and if you start early, you'll have TONS of hours. i have close to 1,000 :-)</p>

<p>Yeah that is what my mom is telling me^, I am interested in all I am doing so far and im planning on joining the math club,environmentalist club, and science club if i have time because those are what i like to do.</p>

<p>I totally agree with what everyone here says. My freshman year, I joined a bunch of clubs that I wasn't entirely interested in because I wanted to polish my r</p>

<p>FIND A PASSION. enjoy life. dont let go of your grades. you'll be fine(:</p>

<p>3rd in class? i think you should give up early. jk of course
take hardest course load (although you should want them too)
don't get senioritus until 2nd sem senior year.
like learning new things</p>

<p>Take the hardest possible courses at your school.
Show that you actually CARE about learning.
Perform well on testing by taking time out to practice, practice, practice.
Keep up with the strong extracurriculars.</p>

<p>Enjoy yourself, and prove that you are more special than 26,999 other candidates.</p>


<p>haha good call...would they rather have a sport extracurricular or a club type because clubs are really hard for me to fit into my time because i play a sport every season and thats a commitment of 6 out of 7 days a week</p>

<p>BTW..Im #1 in my class (hypothetically) but we never had any true rankings yet but i have the highest GPA and take an extra class more than everyone so i think that should be around top 3</p>