Advice for a HS Senior planning on transferring from a Community College

<p>Hi everyone,</p>

<p>So here's my story...</p>

<p>I am about to be a senior in high school, but my destiny for next year is already in the hands of a CC. It's because I got EXTREMELY lazy during second semester sophomore year, and first semester junior year, which brought my grades down a lot and basically made me illegible to apply to a UC or CSU (D in 2 required courses - Chemistry and US History). Since they were both weighted courses, I can't make them up in summer school so I am stuck with those Ds. Reality finally hit me when I found that out today, and I realized I will be attending a community college (probably De Anza College) in the fall of 2011. </p>

<p>Now since I never really thought I'd be going to a CC for at least my first year of college, I would really like some help in making a plan about what to do.</p>

<p>If possible, I would love to be able to transfer after just 1 year at community college. I honestly don't know how hard that is, so please give me some insight into this. My major will most likely be either Political Science or Criminology. I would like to transfer to either UCSD or UCI, UCLA would be wonderful too but I heard that's WAY more hard to transfer to.</p>

<p>I don't mind taking classes the summer right after I graduate, and the summer after that. I don't mind having a lot of classes during the school year also. </p>

<p>So is it possible for me to transfer after just 1 year? What should I look into that will help me increase my chances of a successful transfer?</p>

<p>Basically, I'm pretty much clueless on this whole UC Transfer thing, so please, any help would be much appreciated!</p>

<p>search this forum. </p>

<p>you can only transfer after 1 year if you have a ton of APs and take enough units that summer and fall to guarantee 60 by the end of spring. </p>

<p>Do TAG to guarantee your way into SD or I. UCLA is harder in the sense that you can't just get a 3.0 and sign a TAG, but it's not impossible. For poly sci, you should aim for a 3.8+ though.</p>

<p>I'm pretty sure none of the UC schools offer criminology as a major.</p>

<p>Why would you want to transfer in one year though? Give yourself two years to do well in your classes and get accepted into the university of your choice.</p>

<p>Oops. Scratch that --- UC Irvine offers a degree in Criminology, Law and Society.</p>

<p>actually, UCI - i believe - offers criminology.</p>

<p>just to add on and clarify on TAG and transferring. CantabilenApathy's got it down: all your sixty units need to be done by the spring prior to the fall semester you're going to transfer. if that's confusing - because a lot of people get confused over that: say you're transferring Fall 2011, you need sixty units done by Spring 2011. so it is possible to transfer - though APs is usually the route in order to get those units done. (like me, for instance. though i was a few units short of transferring within a year.)</p>

<p>if you're doing TAG - the requirements differ from school to school (especially with how TAGs have now changed) as to GPA and units done by whenever. TAG, if you're not aware - is the Transfer Admission Guarantee. so just fulfill their requirements - KEEP UP those requirements - and you're pretty much sold. you're best on your own on researching which schools you want and their TAG.</p>

<p>LA's not difficult, per se - just a bit more complicated in their transfer program. but not entirely difficult.</p>

<p>for any other questions on transferring - i'd suggest looking all over this forum as well, especially the sticky threads at the top. that's a general guideline of what you should be aware of. also - just keep refreshing every two hours or so the whole forum. you can read up other people's stories and get an idea where they're going.</p>

<p>Thanks everyone for their great replies. </p>

<p>My major will most likely be Political Science, Criminology was just something else I was also interested in, but I'm 99% sure I will choose Political Science. If it was possible, I'd rather transfer after just one year rather than waiting another due to situations at home, but if for my major I can't get all my required classes done in time, I will wait for another year. </p>

<p>For TAG, do you just have to fulfill the requirements for it to be considered under TAG, or do you have to commit to it as soon as you enter CCC? </p>

<p>Also, when I was looking at the required classes that need to be taken for polysci UCSD transfers, it listed one course that "must be taken on UCSD campus". How does this work if I need to have it done by Spring 2012 to be able to transfer there in Fall 2012?</p>

<p>here are some tips</p>

<p>Finish your math and english requirements as soon as possible, check ratemyprofessor to get the easiest profs trust me that makes a difference. take summer and intercession. Get online classes when you can its easier for you. I got into UCLa without the transfer agreement so its possible. I was (maybe) a smart guy in hs but lazy and well I stink at math but im good at other stuff but mostly lazy and with horrible penmanship but I breezed through CC it wasnt a cakewalk. Be prepared to stay up all night some days for essays. but enjoy it while you can. I know this is badly written but ehh good luck and god speed</p>

<p>1 year transfer are VERY extreme and takes a huge amount of classes to make it work.</p>

<p>You have 2 semester and 1 winter semester . However most C.C has scaled back their winter semester by quite a bit so it will be hard.</p>

<p>You will need to take about 25 units a semester and 10 during winter to make it work without AP scores.</p>

<p>To put that into perspective thats about 8 classes. each class is about 3 hours a week so about 24 hours a week split among 4 days your looking at 6 hours of classes a day.</p>

<p>It's not for the faint of heart so definitely think about it and if you can really dedicate that amount of time to it</p>

<p>search this forum. Your questions have been asked sooo many times and in sooo many ways that you can get a much better answer.</p>

<p>That said, you complete TAG the September before you transfer.</p>

<p>There is one polysci prereq which is only offered on the UC campuses. You could take it during the summer if you really wanted to, or concurrent enrollment, but its obviously not required. You just have to take it before you're able to declare you major once you transfer.</p>