Advice for an Asian HS Senior (Business Career Hopefully)? Thanks!!!

<p>Okay, so I need advice. I want to go into Investment Banking for about 2 years after I graduate from college, then get an MBA and then do consulting as a full time career.</p>

<p>Question 1#, is this a feasible plan, the one I've briefly outlined above? </p>

<p>Question #2, I've been accepted to the Business Honors Program - BHP at UT, but I've also applied to many Ivy League schools, and given my stats (1540/2310, Nationals Qualifier in Debate, Senior Class Officer, etc, etc) most ppl say I should get into a couple of the Ivies I've applied too. But im wondering, If i attended BHP would there be ample opportunity for me to break into IB? </p>

<p>Question #3, pls just comment on my plans, and give any words of wisdom/critique, etc. you may have. Thanks a bunch!</p>

<p>After college, instead of just getting the MBA, i may pursue a joint MBA/JD degree. advice?</p>