Advice for Getting Into Harvard: Help!

<p>Hey everyone,
So it's always been my goal, since I was little, to get into Harvard.
I want to do an undergraduate program in neurobiology, eventually beomce a neuroscientist, blah blah blah.</p>

<p>I don't live in the US. I'm Canadian. I don't know anyone who has gotten into Harvard, applied, or is even thinking about it (other than myself).</p>

<p>Im grade 10. (second year of high school)
I do have 2 more years of high school. I need advice! What should I do? Here are my stats right now:</p>

Grade 9: 90% average overall (we dont do GPAs here, so what would that be?). Yes, its bad, but its grade 9, who cares. I got Gold Award.
Grade 10: This year, i have a 91 average right now. But it's mainly so to history, which is a joke (we have the easiest's frustrating). I have a 84 in history, which brings down my average.</p>

<p>Other Academic:
Im doing a Gr 10 Science Module, for a "gifted" credit. i dunno if other places do it, but we have an "enrichment" program for students identified as intellectually gifted. The Module shows that I did extra work, and extended the curriculum on my own time, with little to no help, and i present to other classes, and teach them about what i'm researching. I'm planning on doing more modules.</p>

<p>We don't have AP Classes available at our school, but I'm take the Bio exam anyway. Next year, I'm hoping to do more AP classes...but it might be hard if I want to go for that 98 average which will look better.</p>

<p>Nest semester, I'm living in France for three months. I'm fluent in French, and have been taking French Immersion since I was five.</p>

<p>I went to Queen's University to study molecular bio for a week. (its not much, but i dont know what to include)</p>

I've had two acting contracts based out of Toronto. I auditioned to be in an add for Bell, but didn't make it. I attended a seminar with a world-renowned casting director (she discorvered Keanu Reeves).</p>

<p>I have a Blackbelt in Tae Kwon Do.</p>

<p>I'm just beginning to start a charitable organization in my community (and hopefully expand after we start up) encouraging kids to live up to their potential. Basically we promote academic success, and planning for the future.</p>

<p>I've written a novel, and sent off two short stories to be published. I love writing, especially horror. (I'm not published yet). I hope that I can be published soon! Lol.</p>

<p>I havent really done anything that exciting, but I really want some advice, and to know whether I even have a chance in two years to look good enough for Harvard to accept me. Personality wise, I think I'm well mannered, I can be funny, I'm pretty modest, I'm never rude, and I'm very respectful most of the time. I'm shy, but pretty outgoing at the same time. I can be ambitious, but school drains the life out of me. </p>

<p>Please any advice at all would help! Thank you so much!</p>

<p>take as many ap's as you can, and you have to get straight A's the rest of high school, and you have to get a 2400 on the sat, and you have to do lots of community service such as Habitat for Humanity, and i recommend going through lifegaurd training and get a job as a lifegaurd. can email me for further <a href=""></a></p>