Advice for Harvard Grad School of Public Health

<p>Hey guys,
I'm an undergraduate college student majoring in Health Management at Northeastern University. I originally was at Rutgers for my freshman year but left after getting sick, and I eventually enrolled into an online program with Northeastern. I'm planning to get back onto Rutgers campus to take some additional courses to transfer into my NU degree, and I am determined to still find my way to grad school and a career in Public Health. I called HSPH admissions and they said my online degree will not be a problem in my application (thank God!!!!).
I have some other questions still: Northeastern operates on a quarter semester system so while I started in January 2011, I will not graduate until May 2014. I guess the "proper" amount of time would be graduating in January 2014 to keep everything in a strict time frame. Do you think that is a problem? Also, an important question I have, I know there are college students who take a lot of honors courses and seminars. I have a 3.8 GPA at Northeastern and at Rutgers I finished with a 3.7. Will I be beat out by students who have taken "better" courses?
I guess I am further gauging my chances. I'd appreciate any feedback. Thanks so much.</p>