Advice for High School Jr.

<p>I hope someone can give me some advice out there. My son has an IEP and a documented LD. However, during his middle school to high school transition planning he was not language exempt He competed 7-8th grade spanish and passed NYS proficiency exam. Thus, foreign language wasn't required for HS, or a Regents Diploma. He has now switched to a small college prep school. He had no FL in 9th or 10th, so he started taking French I at his new school. He is struggling, and hates it. He believes it is affecting his other grades and wants out. I am concerned that without the language exemption on his IEP he will need to have taken language to get into a college. He is considering a history major/business minor. We need to make the decison now as to not pursuing a high school language. Does anyone know if there are 4 year schools that take students without language. He is about a B student.</p>

<p>There are plenty of places that do not require a FL for admission. However it isn't something that is easy to search for. You really do need to check each website individually.</p>

<p>If FL classes are going to be impossible for your child, you also need to identify colleges that won't require FL for college graduation.</p>