Advice for John Hopkins

<p>hey! I am a high school junior who is already stressing out about college. I talked to my counselor and she suggested researching John Hopkins as a possible school. I would love to major in biology and was wondering if John Hopkins would be the right place. What else do you guys find so appealing about John Hopkins?</p>

<p>Not sure what school you are talking about? You are on the wrong thread.</p>

<p>This is the JohnS Hopkins thread (note the CAPITAL S)!!!</p>

<p>Maybe you should do your research. <a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>Yea, you're not off to a great start. Anyway, the hopkins website has a wealth of information, which is expected of college websites. The Hopkins interactive is quite informative too. <a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>While you're there check out the blogs and the interactive forum.</p>