Advice for joining a sorority

<p>I plan on going to University of Colorado and I need some advice on what to expect with Greek life. I really think its something I want to try but I can't find certain things on their websites like what kind of GPA requirements they have. I'm wondering what to expect in general when it comes to rush, I unfortunately don't have anyone with personal experience that I can ask in real life. Are the people nice, is friendship really as important to them as they say it is, and its not just about partying right? Also, what are the chances of not even getting a bid? If you went through all of this please leave me some advice!! Thanks :)</p>

<p>I'm not in a sorority, but my girlfriend is in one, so I'll let you know what I know from her....</p>

<p>A lot of sororities on our campus expect a pretty good GPA [above 3.0 or 3.5], and they try to be active in community service and academics. They have mandatory study times to keep grades up, as well as semester quotas for how many activities they have to participate in. Most of the time, it's helping with things like blood drives, our annual cancer awareness fundraising walk/run, raising money for various groups, and so on. And yes, a lot of the sorority girls enjoy getting drunk out of their minds and pretty much playing into the stereotype of the promiscuous blonde bimbo. However, that's not the purpose of the Greek system, and the percentage of those types of girls is pretty much equal to how many you'd find outside of our Greek system. </p>

<p>For us, rush is about a week long before school starts. Each day is mapped out for them, including what to wear. [I'm not kidding. The brochures about rush spend a few words describing what happens and the rest describing what to wear, including recommended designers. That's my big problem with most sororities -- they seem so shallow. But I digress.]
The first two days [casual wear with a focus on gladiator sandals because they're so in!!] are spent touring sorority houses and getting to know current members.
The third day [summer dresses with floral patterns with small heels that show off your new manicure!!] is spent visiting 8 houses that you like most and learning more about what each house does for philanthropy.
Day four [something a little more dressier than a summer dress, especially from Charlotte Russe, with higher heels that make your legs look fab!!] is spent visiting FIVE of your favorite houses and seeing skits put on by the girls about their chapter's personality.
Day five [formal cocktail dresses that reflect your personality and the atmosphere you want in a house, along with cute stilettos and a clutch!!] is spent visiting two houses and getting to know them more "intimately". Who knows what that means.
Day six is bid day [short shorts, a cute top, and flats to show your casual party girl side!!], where girls put in their final bids and find out who will take them. </p>

<p>Every school will differ, but that's one version of rush week. [Of course, the guys here spend one weekend touring frat parties as their "rush."] I suggest you try and email any chapters you're interested in. Does your school at least have a list of the different houses with a short mission statement? [Some may be more community service, some are more academic, some are cultural, etc.] It'll help you find out who you should talk to for more personalized information.</p>

<p>Shaelurr - go to [url=<a href=""&gt;][/url&lt;/a&gt;]. You'll learn everything there is to know about recruitment, recommendations, and how to be successful in the process. I'm a Sigma Kappa alumna - good luck to you!</p>

<p>Thank you! That actually helps a lot (:</p>

<p>Ask upperclassmen from your school. Sorority recruitment varies per school. My school does formal recruitment: each sorority has a "party" in the student center or neutral building. After two days, girls and sororities rank eachother. Greek life matches the lists, and extends bids. The sororities actually don't extend the bids, and the whole ranking thing is done by hand. After the fourth day, everyone gives a final ranking, and greek life gives out bids. Formal means no interaction between those going through recruitment and sorority members- on campus and online. Rules are strictly enforced. I don't think this is the typical experience.</p>