Advice for New Students

You will have a one on one with an RA each quarter and the conversation topics will center around inclusivity. The RAs seem to be evaluating if you are carrying out activities that contribute to the community. On one level its about you and your unique traits but on another level its about your life among other people. It can be frustrating to work this out because going to college full-time is a lot of work.
This summer I took Biology 101 via zoom, Survey of World Musical Cultures, Philosophy of Critical Thinking, and Mathematical Reasoning and Applications 107, I just got thru finals with the biology class and critical thinking class. I managed to pass with a B in both courses. Survey of World Musical cultures requires a lot of reading from Google Scholar sources. The math course requires you to do modules that are 40 questions long. If you know the material already you can breeze thru but if not then there are Help Me With This Problem tools in PearsonMyLab to walk you thru the math.
I recommend taking less courses especially if you can commute from home. For full financial aid you need to take 12 credits. It is necessary to get full financial aid if you live in the dorms because that will reduce your out-of-pocket housing costs to about $2000 per quarter. My EFC was 0 on the FAFSA for my freshman and sophomore years and I still had to pay $2000 per quarter. My freshman year I paid more because I was with only one roommate. My sophomore year I paid less because I was with two roommates.
To live in the residence halls you need to take 8 credits. I lived in Fairhaven my freshmen year and it was a decent experience. I lived in Edens North my sophomore year and it was also a decent experience. Beware if you get computer science and physics major roommates because they can be harder roommates to live with.

Tuition And Fees
You can find this by googling Tuition and Fees Schedule at WWU

Housing and Meal Plan Costs
You can find this by googling Housing financial information WWU

The music department has a group called the Viking Band. It is a pep band that plays fall and winter quarters. They perform in Carver Gym and the time commitment is a 1 hour rehearsal, 2 to 3 volleyball or basketball games per week and also rehearsals for half-time shows after games have finished in the gym.

CWMEA is for people aspiring to be music teachers. They meet once or twice a month.