Advice for Rice

<p>hey! I am a high school junior who is already stressing out about college. I talked to my counselor and she suggested researching Rice as a possible school. I would love to major in biology and was wondering if Rice would be the right place. What else do you guys find so appealing about Rice?</p>

<p>So, so much! I'm a current freshman at Rice and I LOVE it. Your question is kind of broad, so I'll just throw out some phrases that you'll hear more and more as you look into Rice: residential colleges, o-week, jacks, NOD, Baker 13, metro rail (aka light rail), Rice village, "wet campus," distribution requirements, servery, no Greek life, to Rice be true, century scholars, beer bike and more...</p>

<p>Just keep those in mind as you learn more about life at Rice. =)</p>

<p>The Rice admissions office website (you might have been there already) is a great place to start if you want to get a general idea of what Rice is like - <a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>Any other Rice students care to elaborate?</p>

<p>'ve got it covered, I think. Oh, and "awesome." Add that.</p>

<p>omg..twinkle, (i know your name but im not disclosing for privacy issues ;) ), can you of those terms? lolz...other students also feel free! hehe..</p>

<p>how hard is it to get into RICE?</p>

<p>are you kidding?? what grade are you? it's very difficult for anyone to get into's even harder for texas students.</p>

<p>It will be easier for the next couple of years because of the increase in population of the student body. So it will probably be about 25% or greater admission rate, not that extreme.</p>

<p>reallY? i thot rice was becoming even harder to get in bc so many ppl from texas were getting in that it was becoming like a state school.
so easier for non-tx people?! and harder for texan ppl? NOooooooooo now i hav no chance!! T_T</p>

<p>Well, Leebron [and the administration] want to make the school more popular outside of Texas or summit, so the student body will be increased. Also, he's trying to get more classes taught by TA's. Let's see how that settles down.</p>

<p>More classes taught by TA's.</p>

<p>Yea. ***</p>

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<p>all of you are mistaken. Amy from the admission office sent me the stats from last year that students never got and was only distributed to faculty. Ill give those to you just to be nice. This is for the 2004-2005 year. dont question the veracity of the stats. i have it in my hand.</p>

<p>they say you have equal chance of getting in, but the fact is that it decreases from ED to regular:</p>

<p>early decsion: 559 applied, 168 accepted and 161 enrolled. that gives a total of 30% admittance.
interim: 3349 applied, 938 admitted, and 327 enrolled. that gives a 28% admittance rate.
regular admission: 4202 applied, 616 admitted and 210 enrolled. this is 15% admittance.</p>

<p>I would definitely recommend applying early decision.</p>

<p>Now the total: 8110 applied, 1806 were admitted and 727 enrolled. that gives an overall average of 22% admittance.
<strong><em>in addition, eight were deferred in early decisionand admitted under regular decision.
</em></strong>36 deferred in interim and admitted in regular
40 were admitted from the waiting list, and 29 of those enrolled.</p>

<p>Here is the breakdown in rank for rice::</p>

<h1>1 683 applied and 309 were admitted (39%) amd 94 enrolled</h1>

<h1>2 289 applied and 102 were admitted (43%) and 28 enrolled</h1>

<p>top 5% (includes #1 and #2) 2494 applied and 896 were admitted (36%) and 339 enrolled
6-10% 665 applied, 90 were admitted (14%) and 44 enrolled) As you can see if you are not in the top 5 percent your chances go way down.
11-20% 568 applied, 55 admitted (10%) and 36 enrolled
21-30% 223 applied, 16 were admitted (7%) and 12 enrolled
31-40%101 applied and 5 were admitted(5%) and 5 enrolled
41-50% 49 applied, 7 were admitted (14%) and 7 enrolled
more than 50%, 62 applied, 4 were admitted(6%) and 4 enrolled
unranked 3948 applied, 733 were admitted(19%) and 280 enrolled</p>

<p>Sat score ranges (old sat)

<p>800-750 1424 applied, 672 were admitted (47%) and 194 enrolled
740-700 1513 applied, 431 were admitted (28%) and 173 enrolled
690-650 1427 applied, 250 were admitted (18%) and 114 were enrolled
640-600 982 applied, 113 were admitted (12%) and 68 enrolled
590-550 504 applied, 46 were admitted (9%) and 31 enrolled
540-500 301 applied, 23 were admitted (8%) and 20 enrolled
less than 490( how can u be this bad :D), 252 applied, 13 were admitted (5%) and 13 enrolled</p>

800-750 1979 applied, 784were admitted (40%) and 221enrolled
740-700 1733 applied, 404 were admitted (23%) and 168 enrolled
690-650 1270 applied, 215 were admitted (17%) and 121 were enrolled
640-600 722 applied, 99 were admitted (14%) and 65 enrolled
590-550 378 applied, 26 were admitted (7%) and 20 enrolled
540-500 174 applied, 14 were admitted (8%) and 12 enrolled
less than 147( how can u be this bad :D), 252 applied, 6 were admitted (4%) and 6 enrolled</p>

<p>Act breakdown: it is also better to take the sat because it has a larger number ration...look at how much the percentage goes down with just 2 numbers</p>

<p>36-34 243 applied, 121 were admitted (50%) and 194 enrolled
33-31 444 applied, 87 were admitted (20%) and 173 enrolled
30-28 300 applied, 35 were admitted (12%) and 114 were enrolled
27-25 159 applied, 11 were admitted (7%) and 68 enrolled
24-22 92 applied, 2 were admitted (2%) and 31 enrolled
less than 47 301 applied, 1 were admitted (2%) and 20 enrolled</p>

<p>******I also have the SAT 2 stats...i wont post them unless somebody wants them</p>

<p>i still dont understand how you can be admitted through early decision...and not be enrolled. i thought it was binding...</p>

<p>******I also have the SAT 2 stats...i wont post them unless somebody wants them. i also have the number of students involved in specific activites they list and their acceptance rate. i will post that if anybody requests it.</p>

<p>Now, here is what will refute your assertion that texas students have it harder. the geographical representation for first year students.
383 were from texas. there is no other state with triple digits. the second one is california with 28. if you want a specific state. let me know.</p>

<p>this took alot of time. I hope i dont get some infantile ingrate kid trying to say im lying. Now, good day.</p>

<p>oh and also, i read in a statement given by Leebron that they won't start increasing enrollment before they increase housing.</p>

<p>What I have learned in my short time applying to colleges is this. No matter how many times you look at statistics or how hard it is to get into a school or the percentage of accepted students, it really is unimportant. I remember some famous leader once saying (Oliver Cromwell, but I'm not sure on that!) "There are lies, damn lies, and statistics." So guys, take every stat you see with a grain of salt.</p>

<p>In the end, you're competing for that ONE seat right? Focus on that ONE seat. And, also realize that test scores/rank isn't everything. There are many factors even we knowledgeable CCers cannot know that go into each admissions decision. Just know that adcoms at Rice will do their best to consider your file with the highest consideration. Essays, teacher recs, grades, scores, school background, geographic residency, interview, all of these things are PIECES. </p>

<p>And, as many of you know, Rice is a very competitive school. As such it looks for the "class pie" which means they want DIVERSE people with different strengths, passions, and focuses in life. How boring would it be to go to a college where everybody is pre-business or pre-med? Everyone brings something different to the table. To the OP, my best advice as a current applicant is to think about what matters to you, what your aspirations are in life, and put your soul to paper. Most of all, BELIEVE in your ability and hard work thus far. I looked at this application process as annoying and pointless at first, but later realized the purpose of colleges. They want you to reflect, to introspect, and to THINK harder than you've thought before -- all to show your personality. </p>

<p>So, show who you are, who you want to be, and go from there. Good luck!</p>

<p>EDIT: Sorry, I didn't realize sergio had posted something. I hope you don't think I am saying you're lying in any way. I just feel applicants get too caught up in statistics and miss the point of college applications - to reveal their personality. It's corny, I know, but it really does help.</p>

<p>he is right. i just posted the stats so that people would have them. the interview, the box, the essay, EC activities, etc are also just as important. however, i wouldnt be too idealistic and optimistic. they are not complete mendacious crap ok, math speaks for itself. also, build up your stats. thats what i want you to get out of this</p>

i still dont understand how you can be admitted through early decision...and not be enrolled. i thought it was binding...


Yes, it is binding, in most cases. But Rice actually gives you until Jan 1 to let them know for sure. In a few cases, pepole change their minds, or can't come up with the funding (I know of someone in the latter situation this year, who may go to the local (good) Tech school instead. Rice's willingness to let the ED students think about it until Jan 1 is rare, and classy, IMO.</p>

<p>that's very interesting...thanks jym</p>

<p>so technically...ed is really non-binding...</p>

<p>math speaks for itself of course. but to make these stats useful you need to interpret them somehow. for example, lets take a stat: 800-750 1979 applied, 784 were admitted (40%) and 221 enrolled. now is this because they got 750-800 on math sat? maybe there is a correlation between sat score and extracurriculars or grades or whatever else they find "interesting." if you have a score in the 700-740 (23%) and you want to increase your chances by being in the higher range, you need to rethink college admissions. you will be the same person before and after the test. so i agree with stanford dude. dont get too caught up on the pieces because they really don't determine things in themselves. be ther person you are. the more comfortable you are with that, the better you can show them what they ultimately want to see, you.</p>

<p>i agree..</p>

<p>What my friend from NWern always tells people when they ask him about college admissions is, "Always be true to yourself." sounds corny, but it's true.</p>