advice for summer plans

<p>hi everyone, i would really love some input, as i'm still figuring things out with this summer (post-sophomore year). i'm a psych major/bio minor and as of right now i'm thinking about some kind of graduate/psyd degree for the future. i'm still unsure as to whether it would be in straight clinical psychology, or if it would have some kind of health incorporation to it.</p>

<p>i'll be renting an apartment on my campus (boston) and so far will most likely have a psych internship lined up that i would continue on with next year. </p>

<p>my dilemma is whether or not i should interview for a second internship. there are still quite a few i'm looking into (one being in endocrinology, which promises to publish your name so long as you participate over the summer. there are also a few more psychology ones that resemble the one i currently have lined up-something to do with children and/or cognition.)</p>

<p>i can't decide if it would look 'better' to grad schools research experience-wise if i were to have 2 internships this summer-one in psych and one in bio (although i've never taken an endocrinology course heh) with the promised publication of my name. would it look too random? or should i just stick to the one topic-child psych (not exactly sure of promises of publication here).</p>

<p>This is more of a high school forum. I would suggest that you post this in the Internships or even the Parent Forum for more feedback. Although I don’t know if anyone will be able to say… if one internship is full time, will you have enough time to devote to a second one? If it isn’t full time, I say go for 2. What is there to lose?</p>