Advice for visit

<p>We will be visiting Tulane in March for the first time. Tulane is our Daughter’s first choice so I want to give her a good feel for the campus. We will be coming down for a scheduled meet and greet weekend. She will stay with a current student for one night. I am looking for places to go that are popular with the students. Where to eat, shop and hang out. We live in a small college town in Virginia (UVA) so I want to make sure she has a good feel for the differences she will find going to a school in a large city as well as the cultural differences. Any help is appreciated!</p>

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<p>I'm from Virginia (Hampton Roads/ Norfolk) as well, and currently a Tulane student. Tulane students and Tulane parents have complete different interests in places to visit. If you want to know where to visit as the first time in New Orleans, definitely check the link fallen chemist posted. Places popular with students I think you would prefer not to know. If she has any questions about anything Tulane related, definitely ask me. I'm an RA and know pretty much all the university policies and anything academic related. I'd be very glad to help out a fellow Virginian!</p>

<p>Thank you for the information. I am looking for what a student would want to see not a parent or tourist. I will pass along your contact information to my daughter.</p>