ADVICE from a current student


<p>For all/any questions you guys have, please refer to the UChicago PSAC, aka, the Prospective Student Advisory Committee (UChicago</a> PSAC | Facebook). I'm saying this because a lot of the current 2015'ers that were in the same shoes as you guys not too long ago, aren't very active on here anymore. Our 2015 student population though is very active on our student and committee led Facebook groups. While I know this doesn't give students the same privacy that College confidential does, I really do recommend you to seek advice via the UChicago PSAC if you cannot find adequate answers to your questions on here. (Ex: Housing, Campus life, weather, etc).</p>

<p>Thanks and good luck to all of you through the admissions process.</p>

<p>I'll also be taking any form of general questions in response to this post or in private messages and I'll answer to the best of my ability.</p>

<p>And me too! we had the same idea Splami...</p>

<p>Does UChicago distribute likely letters to applicants who are NOT recruited athletes?</p>

<p>UChicago distributes likely letters to recruited athletes as well as a very select few students. They are usually "perfect applicants" in that they have something along the lines of a near perfect SAT score, National Merit, amazing credentials, etc. and they usually show great enthusiasm and care in their application. I don't know anyone personally that received a non-athletic likely letter. There have been quite a few from last year that have claimed to have though.</p>