Advice from a Current Student

My advice is to attend SMU. My family moved to Dallas when I started high school and I attended SMU for college. I am a senior and I’d like to clear up some misinformation that I’ve noticed reading most of the discussions on this page. Writing this post was also a great way for me to reflect on my experience since its about to come to an end. I believe that college is really what you make of it. I attended a public high school and my family is very middle class. I am also African American fwiw. Coming to SMU, I had some worries about possibly not fitting in or the culture being very elitist. The truth is, students here do come from different backgrounds and cultures. The popular culture on campus is greek and high-end, however from talking to friends who go to other elite national institutions(Wake Forest, UT, Rice, Ivies etcetera) there is a ton more overlap than anyone would like to admit. The best universities in America are expensive therefore mostly rich families can send their kids to them. I don’t understand the hostility or astonishment with the money that surrounds SMU. Yes, the students are wealthy. Yes, the students are attractive. No, we are not all perfect. The students who come to college trying really hard to be perfect will struggle the most. SMU has about 6,479 undergraduate students, within the population try to find and love people who love you. Some of my best relationships have come from classmates taking a difficult course with me. The struggle to learn creates the most beautiful friendships.

My freshman year, I pledged an IFC fraternity in the spring, yet I made friends with students in other greek organizations or not affiliated at all. According to the internet, SMU is 43% greek but I think that stat includes graduate, academic and multicultural greek orgs. IFC and Panhellenic are the two groups that people usually think of when talking about greek life. Fraternities and sororities all want great people to join, we value someone who has good taste, class and wisdom(timeless charm money can’t buy). We overlook a lot of superficial/materialistic stuff, even though people on the outside looking in might disagree. Greek life isn’t for everyone but give it a try if you have an interest. I promise you that rush is fun and there is absolutely nothing to lose.

Keep in mind that college is supposed to set you up for the rest of your life. From my perspective, most students graduate with very fulfilling competitive jobs. Graduates are not underemployed and they tend to work in the field that they studied unless they consciously choose not to. Iv’e found the school’s location so helpful with making connections and securing job opportunities. Every industry has a presence in Dallas, the business community is friendly and love hiring SMU students. I also know classmates who’ve found work at major cities across North America. If you have any questions please message me. I’d encourage anyone who is applying to come visit and see the school for yourself.

Hi I was wondering if I should even attend SMU anymore because I won’t be in Cox. If I do attend, do you know anything about the sport management major?

I often suggest that students consider SMU because Dallas is a great city & Texas offers a lot of job opportunities with significant development & advancement potential.

Really solid undergraduate business school with lots of internship opportunities with major companies.

Nevertheless, SMU has a noticable upscale campus culture which may be a bit uncomfortable for some.

Overlap schools: Vanderbilt, TCU, Wake Forest, USC, Univ. of Miami and several other Texas schools such as Baylor, Texas A&M, and Univ. of Texas at Austin.