Advice in getting a high score on AP Economics

<p>Hey everyone, I wanted to know if anyone has any advice on how to get a high grade on the AP Economics test and what to do during the school year in order to make that possible. Also if anyone can recommend any specific prep books to use for this AP test, that would be very appreciated. Thanks for the help.</p>


<p>bump .</p>

<p>I would give you advice if you wouldn't keep asininely bumping all nine of your threads to the the top of the forum. Seriously, you're not the only one who has stuff to ask. All of this could have one thread, and even then this much bumping would probably have been excessive.</p>

<p>Can you read? Should you read? WILL you read?</p>

<p>If your answers to the preceding questions are yes on all counts, you're halfway there.</p>

<p>what the h3ll are you talking about? that was a really random post</p>

<p>Barrons. Period.</p>

<p>If you can read that book, and do a test or two, you are guaranteed a passing grade... higher if you have the capacity to think.</p>

<p>If you want to randomly buy an Econ textbook, I would recommend "Economics for Today" by Tucker because it's very student friendly and has a lot of examples to help clarify the concepts in the text.</p>