advice needed - choosing a major? :(

<p>I need some major advice.</p>

<p>I'm a senior headed off to college next year and have taken college engineering classes throughout high school. I was recently offered a co-op for all four years of college with benefits and other incentives. More or less, I know that I'm good at engineering. My only concern is that I'd struggle with the math; but I think that I should be ok because the co-op told me if I needed help with school that they would tutor me. I'm not bad at math or physics and have always been a top student in those areas, but it definitly doesn't come as naturally as my other friends who want to major in engineering. Long story short, here's my dilemma:</p>

<p>I have no idea if I actually want to major in engineering. I have no idea what I would major in if I didn't major in engineering. I just have no idea at all really what I want to major in/do in life.</p>

<p>My engineer professors all see me as a really sucessful engineer. My history/humanities teachers see me as a lawyer. Everyone sees me as something different. I think most of my friends see me as an engineer, but a lot of them see me as a lawyer or something different. My boyfriend told me he doesn't see me as a STEM person at all, but he's never had any classes other than English with me so he's never seen me in action persay.</p>


<p>I just really don't know.</p>

<p>High school seniors,</p>

<p>how are you choosing your major?</p>