Advice needed? please help

<p>Ok so Im a junior in my high school. I am currently taking AP Lang and AP US History. I have maintained high B's in both classes all year, even though in my opinion i have slacked. I made my senior schedule today and am signed up the following for next year.</p>

<p>AP Physics
AP Calculus
AP Literature
AP Government
AP Economics</p>

<p>Calc and Physics are considered hard, but i absolutely love math and science. But I am a little complacent on the others. My AP Lang teacher told me to take Lit because she beleives i can be sucessful in that class and my consulor told me to take AP Gov and Econ because Im already in APUSH so it will be a walk in the park.</p>

<p>Mostly I am looking for students that have taken any of these classes to give me personal opinions of these classes, or even teachers that may teach these classes.</p>

<p>Thank you in advance:)</p>