Advice Needed! UC TAG Application

Hello. I am planning to transfer/TAG to a UC campus. When doing so, I saw that you need to input the classes you have taken, are taking, and are planning to take on the TAP/TAG/General Application(s). However, the for planned courses, I won’t be sure what I will be taking (Winter/Spring Quarter) since class schedules aren’t released that early.

By that time when I fill out that information (in Fall), I will have already completed all of my required courses for IGETC (GE) and major preparation courses. The planned courses for those 2 quarters will just be for filling in units to uphold the 90 quarter unit requirement. If I’m not sure, what should I put on the planned courses for Winter/Spring quarters? Will guessing and later changing it revoke my TAG/Acceptance?


I assume you mean applying Nov 2019. Just put in what you think will be available. You can make any adjustments in the transfer academic update (TAU) in Jan 2020.

I see. But for Spring 2020 quarter, I still won’t know which classes are available for me to take.

Actually, the schedule comes out in January, right? If not just put in what you think you’re taking. You can update in the TAU in Feb or March, if necessary, and send an update by email to each UC. They’ll be fine with any changes.

Alright, got it thanks!