Advice of Private Dorms

<p>So I am a Spring Transfer student and I have been looking into getting set up in a private dorm. I have heard of Dobie and University Towers. Does anyone have opinions on these dorms? Or can give me other advice on where I should look at living for the Spring semester?</p>

<p>I lived in Dobie over the summer while going to Diving Camp, and it leaves much to be desired. It's nice in that you have your own private bathroom but the walls are paper thin, the lights are flickery and sketchy and sometimes fall out of the fixture if you close the door to hard, the beds are awful, and everything is gray. I also heard that it's like $900 a month which is way too expensive for the quality. I don't know much about the Towers though.</p>

<p>If you are a girl stay out of Universty Towers. It is definety the preferred housing for the Frat set and to say life there is wild, well that's an understatement.</p>

<p>If you are a girl, you may want to give Hardin or SRD a shout out and see if anyone is leaving after this term (for academic reasons...everything there are year contracts) or maybe the Castillian or Dobie. Those are both costly but better choices than University Towers.</p>

<p>Dobie is probably the "nicest" of the private dorms, but that's not saying much. My best recommendation would be to apply to live on campus. No matter what you might have heard about the dorms, they're all generally better than private dorms in terms of quality (maintenance, furnishings, etc.). You might not have a private bathroom, but I think the tradeoffs are worth it.</p>

<p>^^^ when it comes to choices for guys that may be true, but for girls, Hardin and SRD are extremely well kept, have weekly room cleaning service (included in price) and have far superior food that is not based on a balance system.</p>

<p>If you are a girl, definitely SRD or Hardin (although Hardin is hard to get in). SRD is very nice and has good food.
I will tell you now to NEVER EVER EVER live in Towers. That place is a s***show every single night. It's basically filled with frat guys and smells like pee. No lie. It's really that horrible.
If you really want to live in a private dorm, I suggest either Dobie or Castillian although both of them pretty much suck. They aren't aesthetically pleasing and are pretty small.
If you can, I would seriously suggest living on campus. That's really your best bet.</p>