Advice on Competitive Math Track for Current 9th Grader

Hello CC community,

I am a 9th grade student that is currently taking AP Calculus AB. Because my school mandates AB before BC, I am taking BC next year as a sophomore. Recognizing that I will have two more years of high school, I considered my options for other math courses offered at my school, which is only AP Statistics. After speaking with my math teacher, it was recommended to me that I continue on the AB(9th) to BC(10th) to Stats(11th) track, while also completing additional math courses outside of school, as these courses will not appear on my school transcript(but will be on a separate transcript of their own). My question is, though, for top colleges, will taking AP Statistics in 11th grade be looked unfavorably upon? For additional reference, I intend on pursuing an applied math and economics dual major(though I recognize that this may change as I mature through high school). For senior year, I would simply continue with math classes outside of school. I just was not sure if it would appear strange to top colleges if I was taking AP stats in 11th grade(while also taking differential equations/real analysis or something of the like outside of school).

I greatly appreciate any feedback.

Colleges will look at all your courses including dual enrollment. AP stats will be useful since you have Econ as a possible major.

If they are going to see, linear algebra, differential equations and multivariable calculus in your junior/senior year i do not understand what you are worried about.

You are probably better off working on other aspects of your application as these courses up to junior year already show you are good at math.

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If you are taking additional courses at a local college, then colleges you apply to will want to see the college academic record as well as the high school academic record.

If calculus-based statistics is available at the local college, it may be more worthwhile than high school AP statistics after you complete calculus.

The usual college math courses after calculus BC are multivariable calculus, linear algebra, and differential equations. Some colleges also offer a proof techniques course to help prepare students for proof-focused upper level courses like real analysis.

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Hi @FutureIvy513,

I was in a situation exactly like yours (BC in 9th, and then advanced math courses outside of high school). What I can say is that colleges view outside math courses as just as rigorous as high school math courses, provided you take them through a community college/university/certified online provider with grades. If you are concurrently taking an advanced math course outside of school as well as AP Stats in 11th grade, this will in no way reflect negatively on you. AP Stats will just seem like an elective, and your more rigorous, advanced math course will be treated as your main math course.

That being said, make certain that your outside math courses are (preferably) from an accredited degree-granting institution or an online platform that provides grades, so you can self-report these courses when applying to college and have official transcripts sent as well.

Feel free to PM me if you want to connect for more info.

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I appreciate the detailed responses about the way in which colleges view dual enrollment. I’ll continue on my current math track while taking courses outside of school.

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