Advice on Finance or Accounting

<p>I've read a lot of the topics on Accounting vs Finance on here and I'm hoping it doesn't turn into one of those, but I'm having trouble deciding between the two. My situation: I'm currently a junior Finance major Accounting minor with a 3.94 gpa. I find both interesting enough but I'm concerned with the job prospects of both. One of my Finance professors has mentioned on a few occasions that placement for this spring went very well, but I think the placement for Accounting is pretty good across the board. I'm trying to decide if I should stick with Finance or switch to Accounting. Thanks in advance</p>

<p>ps. I've read comments that accounting majors can do what finance majors can do but the reverse isn't the same because finance majors only take a couple of accounting courses. It's worth mentioning that in our curriculum finance majors take 8 accounting courses and sometimes more based on emphasis areas. This is a reason recruiters really like our program and also why switching won't set be back because all the classes I've taken can be applied to an accounting degree.</p>

<p>You capitalized your prospective majors in the first paragraph but not the 2nd; this shows that you waver in your commitments. Stand firm in whatever your choice may be and be consistent when violating the rules of grammar. I recommend capitalizing whatever major you choose in future sentences, and not capitalizing the one that you don't choose.</p>

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<p>What do you want to do when you graduate? How good is your program/ school?</p>

<p>One of my professors turned me onto the idea of being a portfolio manager. I also enjoy capital budgeting. On the accounting side I think I could do financial accounting or auditing. My school/program does pretty well in the rankings. I think recruiters ranked us in the top 30 for undergrad business school according to BusinessWeek, and like I said our head of placing said this last spring went very well. Also the Princeton Review ranked our job placement program in the top 5.</p>

<p>Well the main difference I can think of is that, generally speaking, accounting is very repetitive whereas as in finance, you do more than just debits and credits.
I think your combination of finance and minor is acct is great, especially if you want to go into the banking side of the industry where accounting skills come in hand.
On the other hand, if you want to work for the big 4, which Im sure recruit at your school, you may want to switch over, just keep in mind the work, for some, gets old as it is repetitive.</p>

<p>That's definitely the truth about accounting, but I don't mind the field in general. From what I've heard about the big 4 is that GPA is the main thing the look for. Am I right in thinking that? I am interested banking. Bank of America took some of our students for their summer internship and I heard good things about the experience and also the pay.</p>

<p>Big Four will not talk to you if your GPA is bad(3.0-3.5, depending on school reputation and minority status), if you are above their threshold to interview they could really care if you've got a 3.5 or 3.9...</p>

<p>Well I have a 3.94 and I'm in the middle of my intermediate accounting classes, but getting a job for the big 4 isn't my main focus anyway.</p>

<p>Keep the GPA up kid.</p>