Advice on High School Testing Schedule

I know right now it’s kind of early at least for Eastern Standard Time, bad sleep schedule, but anyways I was wondering as a Rising Junior is this a good test schedule.
December-SAT (the first one I’m taking)
March- SAT Retake (my school requires us to take it on this day)
May-AP Tests and SAT II for US History
June-SAT II for Chemistry
August-SAT II for Literature and Math I(At this point I would’ve only been able to take up Algebra II, Trig)
Thoughts on this schedule and you would suggest that I should take any other SAT subject tests?

There is no reason to not take all of the SAT2 together when the content is fresh from the school year. Unless, ot course, you prefer to spend your summer studying. AND you probably will need only 2 SAT2 -3 at the most for a tiny group of colleges. Us history and chem would be fine.

What AP tests are you taking in May?

Seems reasonable, I concur with the advice to take all your subject tests on the same date, whether you decide 2 or 3. How many AP tests are you taking in May, as more than 2 or so may interfere with preparing for June SAT subject tests. Do you have any sports seasons, other seasonal ECs or junior year project/large research paper to work around? Have you considered taking the ACT rather than SAT, meaning have you taken practice tests and decided that the SAT is most suited to you based on content, structure and test taking skills? Have a plan B if you need to take SAT (ACT) a third time as well. Good luck.

I will be taking APUSH, AP Computer Science Principles and potentially self studying both Economics. I’m not sure about seasonal sports since I didn’t pick them out yet and I’m unsure as to whether I can take the ACT since I haven’t taken physics yet.

I’ll be taking the tests for APUSH, AP Computer Science Principles and potentially self studying for both of the AP Economics.

I like your testing schedule until the June Chem. Chem is a hard test and many testers have AP Chem. I might take Math I in June instead since it will go well with what you are actually taking - not too much extra studying. I’m not sure I see the need for Lit unless you can smoke the SAT CR.

Honestly, you probably don’t need 4 SAT IIs. See how the first two go and then you can decide.