Advice on housing?

Does anyone know if it’s possible to get a 2 bedroom apartment for about $2200 a month?
Where would you stay at?

I personally doubt it. My two daughters are sharing a two bedroom, two bath apartment with two other roommates a block and a half from campus, but the total rent is $2900/month. And that rate seems to be a relative bargain for the size & quality versus what we were expecting to have to pay for them via USC Housing or at apartment communities like Gateway or The Lorenzo. Had they not found that option, Gateway seemed next cheapest, but it was over $1000/mo per person vs $725/mo. Element is a little cheaper than Gateway, but it is smaller and further away.

If it is possible, you may have to be too far away from campus and also likely in an area with other potential concerns. But good luck…

Just not sure where to find roommates. I’ve searched on Facebook as well.

Does USC housing automatically at the end match you with someone?

If you participate in the USC general housing lottery system, sophomores are guaranteed housing and get the first crack at available spots. The time slots are generated by lottery. You can either opt in with one or more roommates, and the roommate with the earliest time slot basically brings in the others… or you can simply pick a spot. As others get their time slots, they can choose to room with you, taking a spot too, or not. USC Housing itself does not really match you.

@WWWard Where is the option for USC general lottery system?


Being it is well into the first few weeks of school, I am confused…are you looking for housing for now or in the future?

The lottery is available when housing sign ups open for the next year…

I am not sure if Patty is still at this office (First Choice Housing), but she was excellent and this prop management group is way better than Stuho (which may have gone out of business, they were aaaawwwful). She/First Choice Housing may have properties to suggest for you.

Patty Bittner
Office and Property Manager, First Choice Housing

USC Housing will email everyone about it… likely in Dec or Jan. You can apply online per the instructions in the email.