Advice on Portfolio?

<p>PM me if you want to see my portfolio. I'll really appreciate some honest advice.</p>

<p>i pm'd you! : )</p>

<p>I also pmed you.</p>

<p>I guys thank you for your pm. I was a little caught up. I havent posted my portfolio anywhere so i'll have to email it to you. If you dont have any problems, just pm me your email add, i'll surely email it to you. Sorry for the inconvenience

<p>Kinda late to post to this thread, but I'd love to see ur portfolio as well!
I'm also in the process of putting together a portfolio for b.arch schools (but for next year)</p>

<p>I wnna see your portfolio as well. please send it to me on akap94@*********<em>:</em></p>

<p>I would like to see your portfolio! I pmed you</p>

<p>i would like to see it</p>

<p>i pm'd u too...</p>

<p>I PMed you!</p>

<p>I pmed you as well!</p>

<p>Flickr:</a> TArchArt's Photostream</p>

<p>Any one else ??!!</p>

<p>Thanks for posting. You have a strong portfolio. Good luck and all the best!</p>