Advice on recommendations?

<p>When considering whom to ask for a recommendation, I am presented with the following four choices:</p>

<p>Teacher A: taught me French 1 in freshman year, and is teaching me Latin 1/2 Honors right now - I had an A in French I and have an A now, and this teacher has always been nice to me; Expected Rec: Good</p>

<p>Teacher B: taught me World History 2 Honors sophomore year, we became very good friends (in a professional manner relating to school), and I also rewarded her for her great skill as a teacher at the end of the year by giving her a $150 globe (with no alternative motives at the time either, though now I am seriously working on college stuff, I see it may be of some use). Again, I had an A in this class, but this was sophomore year. Expected Rec: Outstanding</p>

<p>Teacher C: taught me US History junior year, I was very active in her class (easily the best student), gave outstanding presentations and speeches, and currently have her as an advisor to a club that I am in. I will have her again next semester for AP US Govt. Expected Rec: Outstanding</p>

<p>Teacher D: is my teacher for English 12: Fantasy. Has a degree from Harvard, is very, VERY intelligent (as you would expect), and I have an A in his class. I am easily the most active student, most into the class, have written excellent papers, and he gave me the most glowing interm report possible at my school. However, by the time he were to write a recommendation, he will only have been my instructor for one quarter. Expected Rec: Outstanding, with consideration given to the length of time he has instructed me</p>

<p>Given these four teachers, which TWO would you suggest I ask for recommendations?</p>

<p>C and D sound good. Definitely D. A lot of my classmates are asking current teachers for recommendations even though we're also only at the first quarter.</p>

<p>I think C+D will be the best for you.</p>

<p>Thank you for your opinions; would anybody else support C & D, or offer alternative choices?</p>

<p>C & D are your best bets.</p>

<p>Okay four for four (<-- hrm...strange wording there)....
My guidance counselor suggested this as well, so I believe I will go along with this suggestion. Thank you everybody, for taking the time to address this.</p>

<p>Yeah C and D sound awesome. good luck.</p>

<p>okay heres one more:</p>

<p>Teacher E: instructor of German I, this is my first semester with him but he wants me to be in German 1/2 Acc Honors (i wanted to from the start but it doesnt fit in my sched.) - I am top of this class as well, twice as active as any other student in the class, straight As on everything, etc. Great teacher, but like my english instructor, I will only have had him 1 quarter. Expected rec: Outstanding</p>

<p>Would it be a good idea to get recs from the primary core subjects English and History (C and D) as recommended, or should I substitute one of those with this language rec?</p>

<p>sorry to jump off topic...but how long is a good recommendation usually? The one i got from my 3 year teacher was like 1 paragraph (she did in 30 min or so since its due pretty soon)...what would u say? and it basically describes my acdemic excellence, maturity,</p>

<p>When I applied to a summer program this past season, I approached Teacher B, and she wrote at least a page and a half. One paragraph is likely too little, but I haven't enough experience to definitively say.</p>

<p>We can agree, however, that it is rather difficult for somebody to describe you in a single paragraph (unless this person happens to be Shakespeare)</p>

<p>so i take it that its not a very professional recommendation/ should i ask for another teacher?...and for common application, u know how it has space for recommendation, can a teacher type theirs and print it out with my social security, etc...I thought this could seem as cheating or w/e but just wondering because i dont want that to go against me..if so pls let me know</p>

<p>I wont claim to be an authority on this (especially since I was the one asking the questions :p) But I would certainly ask another teacher - the rec. cannot provide much information, and it will not act in your favor (it may not HURT you, but it will not help you much either). I would think that writing the rec. on a separate sheet of paper and including your SSN would be perfectly acceptable, but perhaps somebody on these forums knows better than I</p>

<p>I think it's better to have the core subject teachers to write you main recs.</p>

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