Advice on Reporting Tests

<p>Ok.. not asking about chances .. asking for advice.</p>

<p>Son has far stronger ACT scores than SAT I or II's. techincally, JHU only requires the ACT with writing or the SAT. It recommends, however, a maximum of three SAT II tests. This does not tell me if an applicant takes any kind of hit for not sending both ACTs and SAT scores, if both are taken.</p>

<p>So.. if you had a 33-34 ACT composite, but were closer to 690/700 on SAT's and 640-690 on various subject tests.. .would you submit all or just the ACTs? While I realize scores don't mean as much as the whole picture, a 34 on the reading part of the ACT surely is much stronger than a 680 critical reading score on the SAT.</p>

<p>Also.. when it comes to ec's and we all know their value especially if their meaningful... how are non-recruited athletes looked at? The thing is, there is not a lot of spare time for clubs and other stuff when you consider the time constraints of a 3-sport athlete with practices, games and of course, a rigorous curriculum.</p>

<p>Not asking if S is worthy of applying.. I am asking about the school's attitude in general towards non recruited athletes (Is model UN more respected than All Conference?) and testing preferences.</p>

<p>We recommend students send ALL of their testing and let the Admissions Committee sort through what scores are the best.</p>

<p>Commitment to athletics is factored the same for recruited athletes as it is for non-recruited athletes. There are no hard and fast rules to how we review a student's resumes -- commitment, passion, dedication, leadership, service, etc. can all be seen in a multitude of activities and in a multitude of ways.</p>