Advice on schedule for SAT Testing needed!

<p>So my sister will be applying to college this coming year and needs some advice on how to best schedule her standardized testing. As things stand now, she has the following scores:</p>

CR: 700
M: 640

American History: 740
World History: 660
Biology E: 640</p>

<p>If she wants to be competitive for schools like Northwestern and Cornell, how should she use her remaining test dates? Would it be a good idea to retake the SAT in both October and November (this would make four attempts), and then take an SAT II in December to try to get a score of 700+? Thanks!</p>

<p>Do the SAT in October, the Subjects in November, and if she still needs higher scores after that use the December or January test date to improve on whatever needs more improvement.</p>