Advice on the Engineering Essay?

<p>Any advice on the engineering essay (especially how the Princeton program fits you)? </p>


<p>good deal my man</p>

<p>So last weekend I was accepted to both Notre Dame and the University of Michigan. I'm planning on studying engineering, but I'm having a difficult time deciding which school to choose. I know Notre Dame is ranked better overall as a university, but generally speaking, Michigan is ranked better as an engineering school. What do you guys think is the best thing to do?</p>

<p>Are you catholic? Do you love football? If yes, go Notre Dame.</p>

<p>Do you love to party? Without the feeling of catholic guilt later? Go Michigan.</p>

<p>Do you want a superior engineering program that'll ready you for the workforce? Michigan.</p>

<p>Actually, eff it...just go Michigan. Notre dames eng. program has about 900 people...EE has about 25 TOTAL lol. Michigan in general has better facilities for engineers too. (Note: i visited both schools last june)</p>

<p>anyway OP, just write about why you want to be an engineer. Show passion beyond the cliche "IM A MATH SCIENCE TYPE". Have you had any experiences that would push you into engineering? write about that. shadow anyone? any engineers in the family? </p>

<p>Princeton's engineering program is VERY pre-professional. Very little of their graduates actually works in run-of-the-mill engineering actually designing and building stuff. They use their engineering foundation to serve them in related fields...research, analytics...managerial whatnot. </p>

<p>Why is this? Well, the program you'll encounter at princeton is very theoretical. The question you'll find answered more often is "why?", not "how?". You will not be ready for the workforce upon graduation....What you will have gained, however, is a higher level of thinking that will serve you in any of your future endeavors.</p>

<p>for the record, I am an accepted future engineering undergrad at Pton. My eng. essay was about my longboard building hobby....and the difficulties I encountered while trying to sell and profit from them.</p>

<p>Would the fact that I conducted scientific research at Princeton's Chemical and Biological Engineering department increase my odds of getting in? I have a letter of recommendation from my mentor.</p>