Advice on what test to take

<p>Hi, everyone</p>

<p>I'm applying this fall to colleges and I intend to take SAT'IIs to enhance my application (and maybe apply to a college which requires me to take 2 SAT'IIs tests).</p>

<p>I'm going to take Spanish II and a second test. The problem is: I don't know what test should be my second one!</p>

<p>I haven't taken any AP so far and the last science class I took was Chemistry. I thought about taking the Chemistry one, but I disliked my class so much that I don't feel like taking it just for the sake of it... (I got an A, btw).</p>

<p>My English teacher said I don't have the background necessary for the Literature one (I'm an English learner, came to the country almost 2 years ago, etc...)</p>

<p>Biology, Physics, and Math are out of the way.</p>

<p>I like History, but I don't know if I've learned enough to get a good score. Also, I wonder if there is enough time for me to get a good score on this test.</p>

<p>What should I do?</p>

<p>Thanks, everyone!</p>

<p>try us history i suppose, since most people say it's easier than world.</p>

<p>History takes a bunch of memorizing...if you want to apply early then get going yo</p>