Advice on what to do before College

<p>Now I'm only a Freshman in High School, but I might as well get an early start.
IS there anything that You wish you had done to have helped you chances?
Now, none of this is going to be an unknown secret but I want to hear the top of your lists so I know what to look out for.
What Extra curricular Activities to do and which to stay away your opinion.
In don't have to answer this question but I'll go ahead and throw it out there.
I'm testing out of Spanish as I already know it, I want to take Chinese at a community college cause I can't test out of it...and I want to make it official. I have to be a Junior or Senior to take Chinese....and I'm not either of there anything else I can do to make my Chinese official?</p>

<p>study 25 hours a day</p>

<p>That Extra Hour might be a little tough to squeeze in...</p>

<p>I feel bad for some kids..</p>

<p>look, you're at a point in life where there's honestly nothing that anyone on this forum can say that will SERIOUSLY leave any life changing impact on you. You're going to make the same mistakes as everyone else, and probably a few unique ones that will further hone and define who you are as a person. There's a reason history repeats itself: it's human nature to make mistakes first-hand and THEN learn from them.</p>

<p>Cure cancer and win the Nobel prize. You're doomed otherwise.</p>

<p>seriously chill. enjoy being a kid. college is a long time away.</p>

<p>Its never too late to start thinking, If I'm ahead a couple of step that can make the difference.
I'm not going to put my whole life on hold for what you guys say. I was just wondering what to look out for, I know I'll make some mistakes but I was wondering if there was any mistake in particular that you wish you could have avoided, whatever it may be.
Thanks Tetrisfan, I'll try and do that.
Joshrk22...I know what you mean
props to OKgirl and poppin3000 though, but you guys out of all people should understand how anxious you can get.
College isn't that far away, if I don't do what I can now it may be too late later.</p>

<p>"That Extra Hour might be a little tough to squeeze in..."</p>

<p>There are some nerds at my school who are godlike enough and can do that. Of course, for the average person, that's pretty tough! :)</p>


<p>If not: You are 15 years old. Completely dispense with the idea of college admission for 1.5 years.</p>

<p>I couldn't if I tried... I'm like super determined...thats why I'm on here...</p>

<p>Why Chinese?</p>

<p>Get that alcohol tolerance up. Nobody likes the freshman who pukes after four beers.</p>

<p>My Alcohol Tolerance is good enough already...</p>

<p>Chinese because...I am Chinese...and Mexican...</p>

<p>If you want to connect with aspects of Chinese culture, how about looking for a Chinese cultural association or a group that does work you like with immigrants, and seeing whether you can get volunteer work that interests you?</p>

<p>I already do that...HAHA</p>

<p><em>shakes head</em>
dude, don't let your overly ambitious (for your future at least) chinese parents get to you. i know from experience it gets REALLY bad after about two seconds and an encounter with a feather duster. i can totally picture you studying 25 h/day for the SATs, so have some fun before then.</p>

Its never too late to start thinking


But it is too early, and you should stop thinking about it.</p>

I couldn't if I tried... I'm like super determined...thats why I'm on here...


Well man up and get off this site; seriously, come back when you're a junior after you've taken your SATs or something.</p>

<p>Get some sleep. (8-9 hours)</p>

<p>I know this sounds trivial, but the number one thing I'm looking forward to college is all the extra nap time :)</p>

<p>Plus, it's really good for your health and brain.</p>

<p>If you really want to learn Chinese and test out of it, prevail upon some cousin in Asia to let you live for a summer in his/her house and take classes there every day. That could be a really interesting way to do it, but it could cost some good money even just to get there.</p>

<p>Meanwhile, depending on how much/little Chinese you already speak, get through some introductory tapes/lessons (Rosetta Stone is good if you have the discipline to sit in front of a computer for a regular amount of time or getting CDs and loading them up on an IPOD for walking around is also good.)</p>

<p>There's an estimate that one could learn approximately 4 romance languages in the time it takes to learn Chinese. I am not even sure that's accurate because if you know Spanish and French, for instance, Italian and Portuguese will be pretty easy. And Chinese requires prodigious amounts of memorization.</p>

<p>By the way, you ARE talking about learning Mandarin, no?</p>