Advice Please?

<p>Hi-- I think this is the most appropriate forum. My ultimate goal is Princeton, and I could give all my qualifications, but mainly I just have one question.</p>

<p>I transfered to my current school this year (at the beginning), and my schedule got seriously screwed up because of the transfer and because of our coordinator who flat-out lied to me about securing an independent study class. Going into this year, I needed a fine arts credit, and due to scheduling conflictions, I decided to take an independent study Film Studies as a fine arts credit. The coordinator told me it would not be a problem, but as the year progressed, it became more and more evident that he did nothing at all and would not follow through with his word. So now I am stuck with a free period in my Junior Year, Pre-Calculus (most of my peers are taking AP Calculus), and no Fine Arts or Gov-Econ credit.</p>

<p>Will I even have a chance to explain this entire situation on my college application, or has this coordinator already doomed me chances? How bad will a free period look Junior Year? I am taking Calculus at a college over the summer to get the credit, and I am taking a Fine Arts and Gov-Econ credit second semester of my Senior year (so that the CP credits don't bring my GPA and ranking down (even with a 100, my GPA would decrease)).</p>

<p>Unfortunately, though he let others do it, for one reason or another, he stuck me with a free period in my Junior Year that I had no control over. Is there anything I can do about this? What does this do to my chances? How will they view this? Here are my schedules for this past and upcoming year (s):</p>

-- Spanish III H
-- Free Period (most have an alternative IB Science)
-- Pre-Calculus H (most have AP Calc)
-- AP / IB Psychology
-- AP English Literature
-- AP / IB Biology
-- AP US History
-- Theory of Knowledge (early bird second semester)
Summer (at a local college)
-- Calculus</p>

-- AP / IB Spanish IV
-- AP Statistics
-- IB Math Studies
-- IB English
-- AP / IB Biology (two year class)
-- IB History of the Americas
-- IB Theory of Knowledge (full year, normal scheduling)
(Second Semester Online)
-- Gov / Econ
-- Art History or something</p>

<p>that Schedule pretty good. I doubt youll have a chance to explain it but i also doubt that itll matter in the end.</p>