advice please :)

heyy i’m currently an uprising senior and beginning my app process so I have a few questions…

<li>I’ve been in Regional and All-State orchestras every year since freshman year, have been in 2 other small orchestras (I was concertmaster for both)…so would it help me to send in a violin recording?</li>
<li>Also, does anybody know if 1 violin competition would increase my chances of getting into a college because I don’t really have that much time anymore but if it would help me i would be willing to do it…</li>
<li>and is it that important to volunteer for a ridiculous number of hours? i volunteered at a hospital for about 200 hrs since freshman year but i don’t know if i should volunteer everyday for the month of august b/c i won’t have much time in september anymore…</li>

thanks for helping! :slight_smile:

<li>Usually, you only send a recording if you plan on going to college for music. If it’s just a hobby or EC, then writing about it on your resume/application/personal statement is fine.</li>
<li>I’m not an expert on this part, but do you mean having one total or doing one more before applications are due?</li>
<li>Please only volunteer if you actually LIKE what you’re doing. That’s my big thing, at least. And colleges understand that not everyone has a huge number of hours to volunteer, so if you’re doing something else with your free time, they’re probably going to notice it.</li>

a big part of my extracurriculars is violin…so i meant like 1 total violin competition before apps are due…

i’ve only been in orchestras so i feel like a competition would look good? if it’s not going to help me a lot, I might just decide to stick with raising my SAT 1 and subject tests, but I don’t know what to do :confused:

and thanks for replying back :slight_smile:

i didn’t know who to ask these music questions to.

Some schools do have the option of sending a music supplement for non-music-majors. I think some have no impact on admission decision, but just a way to connect with the music opportunities.

From what I’ve heard, they ship off the recording to the music department. Their assessment could either improve your chances or decrease them (or keep them the same). If you are good why not give it a try? I don’t think it would hurt. Do check on the policies of the schools you’re applying to, though.