Advice Regarding Test Dates

<p>'ello. </p>

<p>I was hoping I could get some advice on when to take certain tests. I'm a rising senior, and the test dates I have left are October, November, and December. I've taken the SAT once in June and got a 2170, and I took SAT Subject Tests in May (USH - 730, Math II - 620 (I'm aware that this score is terrible, haha.) With the test dates I have left, I wanted to use two of them for the SAT, and one for the Subject Tests (which would be Math II and probably Literature.) </p>

<p>I'm wondering if I should use October for the subject tests, because I'm preparing for Calc AB next year with summer homework assigned by my teacher (covering mostly Pre-Calculus, but I can prepare for Math II with Barron's as well.) I also wanted to get subject tests out of way, so that I would only have the SAT left to worry about. </p>

<p>My other decision would be to get the SAT out of the way in October/November, and then take the subject tests in December.</p>

<p>I'd personally take the subjects in October then do the SAT in November/December. But its up to you. Which do you feel more comfortable taking in October? And are you more nervous about one than the other?</p>