Advice: Should I Transfer?

I am a student at a Top 40 University (think about Case Western, William&Mary, Brandeis). I was recently accepted to Vanderbilt, Wash U, and Rice as an incoming sophomore. I want a career in investment banking. Should I transfer now or wait for a year and then apply again to Cornell or Brown?

Cornell or Brown won’t guarantee you an investment banking position either. Even if you get in, about which there is also no guarantee.
Even if you attend a school where these firms recruit, you have to stand out, and fit perfectly, to get one of these slots. Not just on your campus, but everyplace they recruit.

So personally I wouldn’t do much just to get to one of these particular schools just for that. Because there’s a good chance it won’t happen anyway.

Additionally, from what I’ve read, these days somebody not attending a target school can still lob them a resume.

I’m not current., so take this for what it’s worth, but at least back in the day there were regional branches of national firms in Houston. Moreover, regional firms in the business will recruit in Houston, and at Vanderbilt and at Wash U.
So it is possible to still get in the game, even if these schools are not targets for the national firms currently.

Rice gives great, perhaps best, access to the energy industry. The energy markets are very interesting and and of themselves. (though I don’t know how they are doing just now)

But I hate to see somebody so industry motivated, for an industry that has not and may never tap them. Or they may find they don’t really want.

Go to where you think you may best thrive and excel, and best helps you expand your capabilities and develop your interests.

The best things will come from wherever has best helped you make the best you.


Look at the job placements of each school in investment banking, then decide. I would not wait for Brown or Cornell because you will need letters of recommendation so start getting to know some profs as soon as you can. Be aware that IM recruitment looks at your GPA very closely.