Advice/Suggestions on Madrid Universities

<p>Hi, I'm new to the forum. I am going to be a senior at New York University with a major in cinema studies (I also have a second major in French but this is not my primary area of interest). Over the next few months I'm going to be looking for jobs but will also consider graduate schools as well. I would love to study in Europe, particularly in either Madrid or Paris (I speak Spanish and French fluently).</p>

<p>Today I was looking at some Madrid universities. If you know anything about them, can you tell me about the quality of instruction? Also, do they offer much in terms of scholarships or fellowships?</p>

<p>*Universidad Complutense Madrid
programa: comunicac</p>

<p>You should contact the Education Officer and/or the Culture Officer at the Spanish Consulate closest to you. That person can get you information about education in Spain, and can help you identify any exchange programs or grants for international candidates that you may qualify for.</p>

<p>The Universidad Complutense Madrid is spain's most prestigious university, at least international, followed maybe by Universidad de Barcelona.</p>