Advice to double major somewhere else

Hello everyone,

I’m currently a senior graduating this semester with an Economy major from San Diego State University . I’ve been wanting to double major in computer science but do not like the comp sci major offered by my school. After graduation my girlfriend and I are planning on moving to Florida or Pomona, CA for her graduate studies. What would be the smartest decision to make in order to continue pursuing comp-sci after graduation? Should I apply to another school there? Do community college? Bootcamp? Can my units be transfered after I graduate?

Thank you for your help.

You do not need to get another Bachelor’s degree in CS. You should be looking for a Masters program that accepts non-CS majors. If you do an internet search, I am sure you will find a program that meets your needs. You will probably need to take the GRE and take a few foundation courses prior to applying.

I am sure you meant “Economics” Major not “Economy” Major??

Here is an example at CSU Northridge:

Another program at CSU Channel Islands:

These are only examples since I know that are not in your target location.

Best of luck.


Thank you!

Note that the graduate level CS courses (for example at CSUN and CSUCI) do list prerequisites of undergraduate CS courses. You may be able to take the frosh/soph level courses at community colleges, but upper division courses have to be taken at four year schools. While this does not necessarily mean needing to get a second bachelor’s degree in CS, you may have to look for which four year schools have space in upper division CS courses for non-matriculated students.

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what don’t you like about the CS program at SDSU?

There are two reasons I can’t study comp sci at sdsu:
-My girlfriend is going away for grad school and I’m trying to find good CS college near her.
-I have tried some comp sci classes at SDSU (all Java) and didn’t like the faculty there. Hit or miss but for the price paid totally not worth it. Also California is expensive.

SDSU has a solid reputation for CS. I don’t think you are going to find markedly better teachers elsewhere.

I also wouldn’t pursue a second bachelors elsewhere - I’d either stick at SDSU for an extra semester or two and get the double major or get your Econ degree and focus on a masters program as your next step.

good luck

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