Advice to increase chances of admission?

<p>Hi, so I'm a senior, applying Regular Decision because I want to show my first semester grades.
Right now I have a 3.4 weighted, 1870 SAT (670 CR, 600 M, 600 W), taking the ACT tomorrow, fingers crossed I'll do well.
So far I'm doing well first semester, I'm very confident that with my honors/AP weighted classes my gpa will come up to a 3.5.
I'm on my school newspaper, I was an editor in my junior year and am now News editor, which makes me responsible for the front two pages.
I worked this past summer in a state assemblyman's office.
I've volunteered 24 hours at my library.
I am in PUSH and was in SADD for two years.
I know I'll have two good recommendations from teachers (plus my guidance counselor), possibly three (from the assemblyman- will that make a difference? Is three too many? Should I nix one of my teacher recs?).
I've visited once, do they consider interest? I know Fordham and American have really similar acceptance rates and American takes interest into consideration, so I was wondering if Fordham does the same. Should I visit again?
This is my fist choice school! I'll do any extra work I can to increase my chances!</p>


<p>Yes. Interest helps. Your core SAT is 1270 and that is pretty much solid and in the middle of the 50th percentile they are seeking. I dont think your gpa is bad…but being weighted its not in the optimum levels. </p>

<p>I will say this much. Waiting for the RD cycle is a bit risky since it means that a significant percentage of Fordham’s admitted class is already placed. You may want to consider applying EA and see what happens. If they defer you, then you havent lost anything. If they reject you (I dont think that will happen) then at least you know to move onto some other schools. If you had a bad semester and have a legit reason, say so and explain. If you had a tough and rigorous curriculum from a tough school, they will see that. Particularly with AP’s. </p>

<p>Just my two cents…</p>

<p>I would discuss it with your guidance counselor at school, but personally I agree with ghostbuster. Consider applying EA because I believe it is a way to show Fordham that your interest level in the school is high. If you are having a strong senior year, ask if your HS can send your first quarter grades to Fordham when they become available. I would send in all the recommendations as well. Good luck!</p>

<p>Okay, thanks. I’m definitely reconsidering early action. My guidance counselor is basically the most useless person ever, I go to a pretty big high school so I don’t really have the opportunity to get to know her and she is just there for the paperwork, basically. I really think that my gpa will come up a lot by the end of the semester. I’m on the fence about EA/RD. Anyone else have any advice?
Thanks so much!</p>

<p>I understand your view. Again, I cannot emphasize enough the need to apply EA. If they need your first semester grades, they will defer you and ask for them. But on the other hand, they may admit you with your present scores and stats. Fordham will ask for and receive ALL of your senior grades by the end of the year anyway, as all admissions are contingent on doing well to the end.</p>

<p>But if you prefer to wait for grades and RD, you may certainly do so. Just know that a lot of seats will be taken in the EA cycle and if your grades don’t pull up your gpa by very much, then its sort of a crap shoot whether you made the right choice or not.</p>

<p>Good luck.</p>

<p>Thanks! I’m probably going to apply EA.</p>

<p>I don’t think you should apply EA because I’m applying EA! That would lessen my chances!</p>

<p>Hahaha I’m sorry! Maybe we will both get in and go there together hahahaha!</p>