Advice to soon-to-be college students

<p>1) Take as many AP courses as you can. It feels nice having a lot of credit and leeway to take whatever courses you want. Plus, AP courses are a) easier than college courses 2) you learn more in AP courses than in the semester college course 3) they are funner.</p>

<p>2) Do very well on the SAT.</p>

<p>3) Take challenging courses, and make good grades.</p>

<p>4) Apply to a wide range of colleges.</p>

<p>5) Get good recs from teachers that know you the best.</p>

<p>6) Save money for college. It will come in handy.</p>

<p>7) Do not send you applications online or in pen. For example, I recently got into Yale and wrote my application completely in yellow crayon. I tied it in to my essay and how I love my childhood. There was a problem, however, as they were unable to make out my social security number... that caused some delays.</p>

<p>I kid! Don't pay attention to 7.</p>