Advice Transferring PRETTY PLEASE!! :(

<p>Hello guys,
I am in major need of advice/orientation at the moment.</p>

<p>Because of personal family health reasons, I am faced with having to relocate to Orlando and would like to transfer to UCF.</p>

<p>However, my process is a little different from other transfers, and would really LOVE any advice or suggestions for getting into UCF. I can not stress enough how badly I want to get in so I can be closer to my family in this very difficult time, while still going to a good school and having the chance to change my major.</p>

<p>Ok, so I started off as a Freshman at FAU but for financial reasons I had to finish my general ed at a state community college.</p>

<p>At FAU (majoring in Chemistry) left with a 2.8</p>

<p>I completed my A.A at the CC with a 3.3 GPA (2.77 CUM GPA)</p>

<p>I decided to transfer to FSU, where I have been for a semester and have managed to get a 4.0 FSU GPA.</p>

<p>Now, an unexpected situation has occured and my family is moving to Orlando and I need to come down to be with them. I am unsure what my current cumm GPA is but I assume it's somewhere between 2.8-2.9</p>

<p>I don't have a preference with major, and am honestly quite unhappy in my current one so I am willing to pick a less competetive major to increase my odds.</p>

<p>I know some particular colleges/majors are very picky.</p>

<p>I am doing Pre-Pharmacy and have all the pre reqs done, so I'm just looking to finish my bachelors in anything somewhat interesting.</p>

-interests: history, education, health sciences, psychology
-Taking time off from FSU, is not an option for me because I will be in Orlando for the next 1-2years minimum (incase anyone was going to suggest that)
-I have tons of community service/orgs
-I currently have about 80-90credits but dont mind losing any, in the transfer process.</p>


<p>No matter what major you choose you should be able to get in. I transferred to UCF after being dismissed from UF for a very low gpa (1.0 or around that figure). Before UF I attended another college and had a 3.0 gpa and also did dual enrollment where I had a 3.6 gpa. I think UCF probably looks at the whole package to admit. I’m now a bio major in my second semester.</p>

<p>Thanks so much!! I feel a little bit more at ease.</p>